Young Voices 2019

The Concert

Here is a sneak peak of what we could see from where we were sitting. A million dreams..

Here are a few pictures from Young Voices 2019. We had a fabulous time and the children were absolute superstars.

Miss Dolby has finally found a way to put the songs on the website! Hurrahhhhhhh! You can now practice until your heart is content.

Thank you for the days

Moana mashup

Fight song - chorus only

A little can change

Any dream will do

An American folk odyssey

It's a swing thing

You gotta be - chorus only

You gotta be - to the end

We are the world

Viva la vida

Tonight belongs to us

Pop medley

Finale greatest hits showman - part 1

Finale greatest hits showman - part 2

Finale greatest hits showman - part 3