What have we been learning?

What is Scrimbling?

Everyday we encourage our children to strengthen their fine motor skills through fun and engaging 'Scrimbling' activities such as hammer boards, using tweezers or pegs. Nursery is a crucial age to develop these fine motor muscles to prepare them for tasks such as writing and zipping up coats or buttons. This can be done through writing and cutting but many children do not choose to access these areas, often resulting in variation in fine motor development among this age group. Fine motor skills require patience, which is in shorter supply, so Scrimbling is set up to be exciting and engaging to all children! Why not try additional fine motor skills at home too!

Here are some fun fine motor ideas you can do at home...


WC: 1.10.18

Something very exciting has happened this week!! Somebody in Dolphin class has received the first ever 'Birchy Brain' sticker. Birchy has been introduced to help the children to push themselves that little bit harder and grow their mind. We have been taking on challenges to push our learning that little bit further. This child was using a shuffle board to find all the different ways we can make the number 2 which is enabling him to have a fantastic understanding of number. He then explained to the other children how he was using the shuffle board.

Harvest Festival 2018

If your child would like to practice the Harvest Festival songs they are here...


Oats and Beans: 


Cauliflowers fluffy:

There is no backing track for cauliflowers fluffy so here are the lyrics-

Cauliflowers fluffy is just the backing track so here are the lyrics -

Cauliflowers fluffy and cabbages green,

Strawberries sweeter than any I've seen,

Beetroot purple and onions white,

All grow steadily day and night,

The apples are ripe and the plums are red,

The broad beans are sleeping in their blankety beds.


Dingle, dangle scarecrow:

WC 1.10.18

Take a look at what we have been up to outdoors this week!

WC 1.10.18

A snapshot into our 'scrimbling' activities.

WC 17.9.18 

The children got very busy on the carpet this week. They created their very own tea party using the play dough and available resources, whilst some other children decided to strengthen their fine motor skills by having a go at our hammering board.

WC 17.9.18

We have a new discovery area in our setting this year. The children love exploring the technical toys, magnets, colour pebbles and other items!

WC 10.9.18

The children decided to build a bridge or two over the 'swamp' they created. They extended this further by pretending there was an ogre hiding around somewhere!