What have we been learning?

 Summer Term 1:

 We have continued to learn about the Tudors in our topic lessons this half term. We used a variety of sources to find out what a Tudor street was like. Then we created a Tudor street which we could actually walk down and used this to help us write about what we could see, hear, smell and feel.  

Summer Term 1:

This half term our history topic has been 'The Tudors'. We learnt about how the Tudors came to power and enjoyed re-creating the Battle of Bosworth in the playground.

We have also learnt all about Henry VIII and his six wives. We had to hunt around the classroom for clues that helped us answer the question 'Who was Henry VIII?'. Then we drew a new portrait of Henry to represent what we had learnt about his appearance, personality and hobbies. 


Our science topic this half term has been 'light and shadows'. We have really enjoyed the investigations in this topic. We used torches to help Mrs Hesketh find the best opaque material for curtains for a baby's room and investigated how to change the size of shadows. 

Spring Term 2

Ancient Egypt

As part of our topic on Ancient Egyptians, we performed a mummification! We learnt how the Egyptians removed the organs from the body and placed them in canopic jars. It was a gruesome and exciting lesson!