What have we been doing in year 2?


September 2018

Today we found a dragon's nest in the playground. It was very exciting! We think one has hatched so we are busy writing descriptions for Mr Sharp in English to help him to find it. 

October 2018

This week we learnt about castle defences and methods of attack. We went on to the field to role play attacking and defending a castle. Then we used what we had learnt to write instructions. 


We finished our topic on 'castles' with a medieval banquet today. We worked well in teams to create medieval dance routines and we also held a jousting contest. We celebrated with a banquet where we even had jesters and minstrels to entertain us. 


Our new topic is explorers! We found an exciting envelope today which had a map and a route for us to follow. We found some mystery items and a rucksack on the school field. We looked at the items and think they might belong to an explorer. 


Our new science topic is plants. We learnt the scientific names for the different parts of a plant and their functions. Then we turned ourselves into human plants. Can you tell which part of the plant we are and what we are doing?


Year 2 have now completed their SATs tests and they all gave 100%. We had a SATs party and picnic to celebrate their hard work today. 

We have been looking at the artist Andy Goldsworthy  and created our designs in his style. 

Our new topic is sensational safari. We received a note from someone in Kenya asking us to examine the poo samples and footprints and work out which safari animals had been in the area. We loved this activity!

July 2019 - Performance Poetry

The pupils enjoyed reading a poem about African animals, which links to their "Sensational Safari" topic, and then creating actions to go with each line of the poem. The pupils thought carefully about what would make a good performance and they came up with criteria such as: a clear and loud speaking voice, facing the audience and being brave. The pupils worked really well in small groups and showed excellent teamwork. I was very impressed with their performances.