What have we been learning in Bee Class?

This half term we will be learning about the Romans through our topic. 

11th September 2019

This week we have been archaeologists and have been on a 'dig' to discover artefacts from the Roman period. We examined these artefacts to see what we could learn about life in the Roman period. 


As mathematicians we have:

been learning about Roman numerals. We used matchsticks and flashcards to represent numbers using the roman numeral symbols. 


 We have been developing our reading skills through:

 Our class shared text "Romans on the Rampage" by Jeremy Strong. We will be using this as a basis for writing our own historical story. This week we are working on developing a character and setting for our story. 


As scientists we have:

been learning about the digestive system. We learnt the names of the organs involved in digestion and worked in teams to build a 'digestive system'.