What have we been learning in Tiger Class?

Our topic question this term is Who was Charles Dickens?. We have enjoyed finding out about his life and work. Here are some of the fact sheets we have created from our research. This research will now help us to write a biography in English.

We have used sketching techniques to complete a portrait of Charles Dickens. We had to carefully observe his features to ensure they were proportion to the side of photo we were given. We have also drawn Victorians style lanterns; we will soon be making our own in Design Technology lessons.

In English, we have been studying play scripts and have used them to help us perform. We have looked in depth, at scenes from Oliver Twist as this is one of Charles Dickens’s most famous novels. We have enjoyed using drama to help develop our writing.


In Science, we have been studying Electricity. We have learnt about the symbols that represent each part of an electrical circuit and have made some of our own using equipment. We even managed to create some switches to ‘break’ the circuit and enjoyed working as a team to reach this success.

On Friday 27th September, we had a visitor. The visitor was a local author, Conrad Burdekin. Conrad came to our school to help us celebrate Morley Arts Festival. Conrad was fantastically funny and we enjoyed creating a poem to help celebrate Miss Todhunter’s birthday. We performed this poem, using actions, during celebration assembly for the rest of school.

In Music we have learnt about the history of music and have researched and read about famous composers of this time. In Tiger class we focused our learning upon Ludwig van Beethoven.

Pictures below show some examples of members of our class presenting their findings and their work. 

We are looking forward to continuing our musical knowledge and can not wait to take part in our learning quiz at the end of this unit of work.