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Parent Governor Election

We have a vacancy on the governing body for a Parent Governor. If you are interested in nominating yourself for the role then please click on the link below and find out how to go about it.


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Letter from the NHS regarding Track and Trace

Unsure of who needs to get tested?

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School Update 22/9/2020

Dear Parents/Carers

Many of you will know by now that we have had our first identified case of Covid -19 in school today. Appropriate action was taken immediately and, after consultation with both the DfE and Leeds Health and Safety, this meant the collapsing of a class bubble for a period of 14 days from the time the individual concerned was symptomatic (actually last Tuesday). If there are no other cases in that class, then they will be able to return on September 30th, along with the adults who have also been working in there and who must self isolate for the same period. Parents of pupils in that class responded superbly and thank you very much for that, it was a great help.

We knew it was coming, we were ready, and everything went smoothly much to our relief. However, it does demonstrate how important it is that children displaying one of the three symptoms - a dry persistent cough, an elevated temperature or a loss of sense of taste/smell must not be sent to school. I appreciate this is very difficult, but if we are to navigate through this crisis with as little negative impact on the children as possible, then we musn't take the risk of sending them if we have any doubts. Children can, of course show no symptoms, and obviously we can't do anything to mitigate against that, but where symptoms exist please take the cautious approach. 

It will happen again, that much is certain, but If we all pull together I am sure we can keep any disruption to a minimum, and that is what we all want to achieve at Birchfield.

Thank you for your cooperation


Mr T x

School Update 16/9/2020

The first week went relatively smoothly and thank you to all of you for following the guidelines on start and finish times as this has really helped to minimise the numbers of parents milling around school at any one time. As you might have expected we have had a lot of tense moments in classrooms where every cough or sneeze cannot go unnoticed. We do rely on your own common sense with regards to if your child has a cough but my mantra would be don't send them unless you are sure - better to recover from a cough for a day or two at home, than to have to collapse a bubble and have the whole group self isolating for 14 days. The rate of infection in Leeds, as of yesterday, was 73.3 per 100,000 (this figure was less than 5 three or 4 weeks ago), 55 schools in the city have recorded cases of Covid-19, and we need to continue to be extremely vigilant at this time. The rules are very confusing and I have every sympathy with parents who are not sure what to do when problems arise. I have therefore produced a 'What to do if...' guide which may help. Just click on the link below:


What to do if...


n the meantime- stay safe


Mr T x

School Update 3/9/2020

Hi all

Just a quick update on preparations for the new school year which begins on Monday, 7th September. Staff have been in and out of school this week rearranging classrooms, familiarising themselves with the new routines and procedures, and getting ready for the return of the children.

You will be aware that the most recent Government guidance about the reopening of schools came out last Friday but in reality not much has changed for Primary Schools from the previous information, published in July, on which we based our plans. The letter I posted here on July 14th is still all relevant and I would urge you to re-read it very carefully before Monday, so that you are familiar with all the changes we have had to put in place (click on the links below):


Arrangements for the return to school Monday, 7th September, 2020


Letter to the children


It is particularly important to note procedures for the start and finish times, and what we would like you to do to make Monday morning go as smoothly as possible. These will be the most difficult parts of the day since there will be so many parents and children on the school grounds at the same time. I cannot stress enough how important it is that social distancing is still observed between adults, and also between children from different classes, who will be operating in separate 'class bubbles' for the foreseeable future. It is increasingly apparent that it is adults that pose the greatest risk in the spreading of the virus, so please stick to the guidance.

We are very excited to be welcoming all the children back to school, and I am sure your children will show the 'Birchfield Spirit' that we know so well. We have carried out a detailed Risk Assessment based on detailed guidance from Leeds City Council's Health and Safety Team, and we feel we are well prepared for the task ahead.

I fully understand some of you may be anxious, but rest assured we have done everything we can to make Birchfield as safe as we possibly can, and we will continue to make that our number one priority in the months to come. 

 Enjoy this last weekend and we look forward to seeing everyone on Monday morning.


 Mr T x




School Update 14/7/2020

Letter to the children 02.09.20


Arrangements for the return to school Monday, 7th September, 2020


Please click here for the latest information


Please click here for information on Birchfield Buddies


Please read the above letter carefully as there are many things to inwardly digest about that first day back. I'm sure everyone, us included, will be apprehensive about negotiating these initial few weeks but hopefully we have everything in place for a smooth transition and we will all soon adapt to the new ways.

It has been a difficult few months for everyone, and it is clear we are not quite out of the woods yet, but I'm sure, if we all work together, we can quickly re-establish the role of our school in the lives of our parents and pupils. I daresay there will be some teething problems but please be patient and remember that this is all new for us too. Guidance has come very late in the day and we think we have a system that will work, but we will still be crossing our fingers during those first few days!

Our Year 6's finish today and tomorrow, having missed out on their residential, their leavers assembly and their SATS (we administered last year's tests a couple of weeks ago and the results were fantastic by the way - it would have been another bumper year!). It has been particularly tough on them but we wish them all every success as they move on to the challenge of high school. We are very proud of you!

In the meantime, I hope everyone has a great Summer and that, come September, we are able to enjoy a few more freedoms and get somewhere near to being back to normal again. These are historic times that will live long in the memory and, hopefully, we will be able to look back and say 'We did it.'

I searched for a quote with which to finish this academic year and I couldn't do better than this:


'The flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of all.'


Bizarrely, it is attributed to Walt Disney, which seems appropriate for a Primary School. We have all faced adversity, and may continue to do so for some time, but I'm sure we have all learned something about ourselves along the way, whether it be about friendship, family, love, perseverance... the list goes on (notice I left out home schooling!).

Stay safe, stay healthy and we'll see you in September for the next part of the adventure.


Much love and best wishes


Mr T x




School Update 19/6/2020

Please click on the attachment below for the latest news from Birchfield, and for details of our plans for September, including the new classes.

For Parents Letter 19/6/2020 click here


Coronavirus Update 27/5/2020

Thank you to all parents for your cooperation regarding the government's plans for a phased return of schools. If you have elected to return your children to school on June 1st the letter below sets out the arrangements you will need to follow. Please read this letter very carefully as there are many conditions that we need you to abide by in order to make things as safe as possible for the children, staff and families that make up our school community. School has had to carry out an extensive risk assessment using a template produced by the Local Authority Health and Safety team, that puts plans and procedures in place for scenarios that may arise as well as for the day to day safety of everyone in school - this will be our bible in the coming weeks.  Home learning will, of course, continue to be provided by the teachers for all the children not in school. 

There is also a letter from the Local Authority which sets out their thoughts and intentions and explains how Leeds is trying to tackle this very challenging situation. 

Just click on the links below:

Letter regarding arrangements for the return to school

Letter from the Local Authority 


These are extremely challenging times for us all and I would like to thank you all for your continued support and understanding. 


Stay safe everyone


Mr T x



Coronavirus Update 18/5/2020

The school has been working very hard to put together a workable plan for the possible return of children from Reception, Y1 and Y6 on June 1st. The letter below sets out our initial intentions but we cannot go any further with these until we have some idea of numbers. Please take time to read the letter very carefully as it sets out what school is likely to look like between now and the Summer break - it will be very different from that which the children are familiar with. 

There are a series of questions to answer and I would ask that you do this through a 'private message' to your class teacher on Dojo. If your answer to Q1 is 'No' then you are done, if it is 'Yes' then there are two more questions we need answering. We understand that this is a very difficult decision for many people and will need discussion at a family level, but please do this by  Friday, May 22nd at the very latest, so we can finalise our plans.

Click on this link to access the letter 

In the meantime stay safe,

Thank you

Mr T x




Coronavirus Update 12/5/2020

Now the documentation and guidance has come out regarding the possible reopening of schools on June 1st, I wanted to give you a quick update.  

As you will have seen all over the media, this is going to be an incredibly difficult transition to achieve safely and effectively and schools all over the country are approaching it with great trepidation. It is based on the scientific premise that younger children are unlikely to become severely ill with Coronavirus and often display no symptoms at all, although of course they can still be carriers and can infect adults whether they be at home or in school. 

Last night schools were issued with guidelines, the links for which are below:

We have a short period of time to organise ourselves and there are many unknowns. We will be receiving more advice and suggestions from the Local Authority and Headteachers will be sharing their thoughts to try and come up with different models and approaches. 

It will not be a 'return to normal', and is likely to be a very different experience from those the children had pre coronavirus. We will endeavour to stop year groups from mixing, but within classrooms, especially with the youngest children, it is virtually impossible that we will be able to maintain any meaningful social distancing between them. We will have to lose certain resources such as soft toys and furnishings, IT equipment and anything that could transmit the virus. The details are all in the guidance. 

We have been advised we must have a maximum of up to 15 in a group - 15 in our classrooms would means zero social distancing in all year groups, and we may not have enough staff to do this anyway - we will inevitably lose some staff who are classed as vulnerable themselves, or who work with vulnerable adults and cannot therefore be in school. It is likely we will have staggered starts/playtimes/lunchtimes/pick up times and your child may not attend every day.

I'm sure many of you will share our own anxieties about the weeks ahead, and about the decision you take on whether to send your child to school, or to continue home schooling until the Summer holidays, before a return in September, when hopefully the landscape will have changed to something approaching normality.

If you decide to keep your children at home for fear of them picking up the virus at school, or if you are classed as a vulnerable adult yourself, then rest assured teachers will continue to post work for them as they have for the last 7 weeks, it is likely be the same work those in school will be accessing. The government has made it clear that parents will not be fined for keeping their children away.

We are currently working on our strategy and I will share this with you as soon as we have agreed it. It may change dependent on numbers and it may change from week to week dependent on national data regarding infection and mortality rates. The government has said that schools may go back on June 1st and we should prepare for it, but any second wave, for example as people begin to share public transport or return to busy workplaces, could change that.

Next week, via Dojo, I will be asking parents of Nursery, Reception, Y1 and Y6 to answer two questions and, from this, we can refine our strategy, which will be largely determined by demand: 

1) If school reopens for your year groups, on or around June 1st, will you be sending your child to school?

2) If the answer is Yes, will you require Birchfield Buddies either before or after school?

This is a decision entirely for you and your family. Of course you may change your mind as the weeks progress but I would need advanced notice of this, at least a week, as it would mean changing arrangements at school. If your child is in these classes please don't email or phone as I would be innundated (even more than usual), I will post information on here and send a text as I have done previously.

If you are a key worker then I would still ask you to contact me as usual via email at if you need to use school as a last resort.

We will be working on this for the next two weeks and I will keep you updated. It is hard to plan at the moment due to all the uncertainties, but rest assured everyone is doing their level best as always in these unprecedented times. 

Best wishes and stay safe (and alert!),

Mr T x


Coronavirus Update 11/5/2020

I’m sure like me, many of you will have watched the Prime Minister’s address to the nation yesterday evening. We had no advanced warning of any details and found out when you did.  

You will have heard the Prime Minister indicating that the government believes it may be in a position to implement a phased re-opening of schools from 1st June, starting with pupils in Reception, Year One and Year Six.  This is part of the government’s conditional plan which it says will remain under regular review.

The government has told us that their decisions are being led by the scientific evidence and hopefully we will get some details of this later today.  Any plan to increase the number of pupils in schools has to be practicable and manageable.  It seems unfathomable that the youngest children will be the first to come back, when, with the best will in the world, they will be the least able to affect any meaningful social distancing, however, we must wait for the rationale behind this decision and we are as in the dark as you are for the time being.

It is inevitable that you will have a range of questions but at this stage we will not be able to answer them until we have received guidance from the powers that be. I would ask that you don't phone school as it is operating with a skeleton staff to look after only the children of key workers on the front line, who have no alternative but to send them. On this point, I have to say a massive thank you to Birchfield parents, who have been absolutely fantastic so far; we have managed to numbers down to an absolute minimum making it safer all round for you, and for staff and their families.

We have some time to consider our own strategy for the return to school as it is at least 3 weeks away and things will not change before then. It is, of course, still conditional on satisfying the government's five critera for easing lockdown.

I will keep you informed as and when things develop either through the website , texting or class dojo. In the meantime, stay safe, continue to adhere to the rules and hopefully we will all be back together again soon.

Best wishes

Mr T x






We just want to say.....

Free School Meals/Pupil Premium

If your circumstances have changed and you have had to claim Job Seekers Allowance or other benefits you may be entitled to claim for free school meals which also means your child/ren would be in receipt of Pupil Premium, which would benefit your child for the remainder of their time at Birchfield.  This does apply for children from Nursery to Year 6.  You can check your eligibility via


Leeds Authority Safeguarding Information for Parents and Staff

The LSCP has developed a section on their website with information for practitioners on safeguarding children, young people and families during the COVID-19 pandemic. 


They are continuing to be active on Twitter and Facebook from the @LeedsSCP account and would appreciate the reposting of our safeguarding messages.



Safeguarding information for Leeds practitioners working with children and families during the COVID-19 pandemic

As the COVID-19 virus continues to put pressure on children and families across Leeds it’s important to ensure that practitioners can assess information that is helpful, informative and can support them when working with families

To facilitate this the Leeds Safeguarding Children Partnership (LSCP) have created a new section of their website with lots of helpful information on safeguarding children, young people and families during the COVID-19 pandemic and suggestions on how to do some things differently.

Information and guidance is currently available on:

•             using volunteers

•             Things to consider when visiting families

•             Talking to children about the Corona Virus

•             Looking after yourself, and

•             How safeguarding services are operating.


The website is regularly updated as more information is made available. Make sure you are kept informed and up to date with any new advice or guidance being produced by checking back on the website for the latest information.



Coronavirus Update 18/4/2020


Hello all, I hope everyone is remaining safe and sound as this lockdown enters its 4th week. We now know we have another three weeks at least and as such Birchfield will continue with the arrangements we had prior to the Easter holidays.   School will be open ONLY for the children of key workers who absolutely have no alternative but to use use as a last resort. As I have said before, the safest place for your children is with you in your own home, and so far everybody has been fantastic at sticking to that - as I would expect from our amazing parents - it still applies that the more we can minimise movement and the risk of infection, the sooner this will be all over.

I would continue to ask any parents who are key workers to keep e-mailing me at if you are going to need us on any upcoming days. I have organised a rota for every day for the next four weeks but obviously I don't want people making a wasted journey if they don't need to be in school. Be assured there will be a qualified paediatric first aider on site every day, as per the new Government guidelines announced on Friday. Although teaching unions and local authorities are questioning the need for this, fortunately, we have quite a few trained up, so we can meet this demand with a bit of juggling at the eleventh hour yesterday.

The teachers will begin setting work again from Monday, using the Dojo system that is proving so invaluable at this time. I also know the BBC are starting daily lesson broadcasts for all year groups from Monday and you may want to check this link out:

If you are awaiting free school meal vouchers (you will have been notified by me if this is the case) then I can only say that I have done everything I can do from my end. They are in the system, and have been since April 1st, but the demand was so enormous their systems just couldn't cope and they have a massive backlog. Please be patient, they will arrive eventually and I will be ordering the next batch this week. Other Morley Schools have the same dilemma I can assure you.

I hope everyone managed to get some respite during the Easter holiday period, and is managing to keep their spirits up during these difficult times. The staff are currently all fit and well and we are in touch with each other all the time (the joys of What's App).

Hopefully, Birchfield can reopen its doors to everyone again soon but in the meantime, stay safe and keep following the guidelines. 

With much love and best wishes,

Mr T

National Offer Day for Reception places for September 2020 is Thursday 16th April 2020.

If you have applied online offers will be emailed from 8am onwards and will contain all the information and links you need for anything you need to do next. If your offer is coming by post please allow up to 7 days for this to arrive from 16th April. 

School is currently closed so to confirm your place or if you have any questions regarding your place please email

More information can be found at:

Coronavirus Update 2/4/2020



Click here for a link to an NHS leaflet to explain to children in simple terms about Coronavirus. 

Hi everybody, here's the latest update from Birchfield.

It has indeed been a strange two weeks. There have been children of key workers in every day and a team of staff, drawn from all levels, have kept things ticking over in school. We are now approaching what would have been the Easter holidays and, although school will remain open for the children of key workers who absolutely have no alternative but to use use as a last resort, there will be a change for the 'holiday period' regarding setting work to do at home.

Birchfield's teachers have been amazing posting activities and interacting with the children through Dojo but tomorrow will be the last day of this for two weeks. I'm sure you will appreciate that they need a rest too, and they have their own families to support during what would have been the holidays. I'm sure the children will be happy for a break too.

I would suggest there are a few things it would be prudent to maintain in the next couple of weeks - reading with your child every day, times tables,  maybe even a diary - things you can easily do yourselves. I know the teachers have sent out loads of links to useful resources to keep the children going and please utilise these - we are lucky to have the technology that allows us to do this. If a teacher discovers any new links they will continue to add these through Dojo but the setting of daily tasks will stop from tomorrow, resuming on Monday 20th April, when we would normally have been returning to school.

We don't know what the next few weeks holds, but it seems highly unlikely we will be leaving what amounts to a lockdown anytime soon. In the meantime, stay safe, keep fit and healthy and keep those minds active - there's a lot you can do at home.

Know also that we are missing you all very much and looking forward to getting back to normal as soon as possible. If this last two weeks has taught us anything it is that Birchfield really is a 'family'.

I would ask any parents who are key workers to keep e-mailing me at if you are going to need us on any days during the holidays. I have organised a rota for every day but obviously I don't want people making a wasted journey if they don't need to be in school. Please remember, we are absolutely your last resort, your children are much safer at home with you and the more we can minimise movement and the risk of infection, the sooner this will be all over.

With much love and best wishes, oh and Happy Easter! 

Mr T.



The Education Safeguarding Team have had numerous queries and safeguarding concerns raised about an APP called House Party in respect to live streaming.

The house party is taking social media by storm. It’s from the same company that created Fortnite. Over the last 48 hours there has been lots of misinformation over social media about it. As with all live-streaming platforms, screenshots, unsolicited messages and self-generated sexualised imagery can put young people at risk.

Links to ‘rooms’ can also be shared publicly – to other platforms which could see uninvited users joining.

‘Rooms’ should be locked to prevent uninvited guests from joining – remember all rooms will lock by default if a user enables ‘private mode’.

If an uninvited guest joins a room they can easily ‘friend’ others taking part in the live stream.

It appears that when a friend is invited, their friends can also join a ‘room’ without the invitation. Therefore potentially increase the opportunity to cyber-bully and troll others.

Safer schools have just tweeted the link and a short animation as well.

Here is a web link to the blog.


Stay safe,


Ms Bratby



Update 26/3/2020

Key Worker Parents

Dear parents of key workers, thank you so much for doing your absolute level best to keep your children at home this week - they are always going to be safer at home with you so please continue to do this and only use school as a last resort.

We have opened every day this week with a skeleton staff and we will continue to do so ONLY for the children of key workers who can't find any alternative provision. All the staff at Birchfield have been amazing, absolutely everyone, no matter what their role in school is,  and have been more than willing to shoulder the burden of coming in to school in order to support the key worker families. We have a rota in place for the next three weeks, right though the Easter break, including Good Friday and Easter Monday should it be required. We will of course continue with it as long as it is needed.

If you already know when  you will be working next week, it would be really useful if you could e-mail me at  so we have some idea of numbers. I know it will be subject to change, especially as things approach their peak, but a rough idea would really help. I don't want to bring people into school uneccessarily if I can help it, so we can reduce the contact and minimise the risk of infection. 

There will be a minimum of three staff in each day (teachers or TA's), one of whom will be a First Aider. I have closed the office and the kitchen so please send a packed lunch each day that your children have to be in. Although Buddies will remain open we are already seeing virtually no children requiring this. In response we are asking you to drop children directly into school where we can give them cereal etc. Obviously the later the better. If you still require a 7.30am start, please e-mail me, and Gillian and I will make sure someone is here to greet them.


Non Key Worker Parents

The teachers have been posting work every day from home through Dojo and will continue to do so. Whether you access this work is entirely up to you - we won't be checking up on anybody and if you want to do your own thing that is also completely your choice. Doing some basics like reading every day, some number work, some physical exercise will keep them going until we are all together again if you don't want to do the set tasks, but they will be there if you want them.

Thank you to those who have e-mailed with messages of support, it is much appreciated, and please continue to follow the Government advice so we can beat this thing and get back to our normal lives. The sooner everybody complies, the sooner it will be over.  

Missing you all, stay safe and take care,

Mr T



Update 23/3/2020
Thank you to everyone who has managed to find a way to keep their children at home, even those who are key workers. Our numbers are lower than expected and we are so grateful for that. It means I need less staff in school and they can be safer too. I can't emphasise enough how important it is that we try to reduce the number as much as possible. If you are a key worker and do have to send your child to school obviously the more you can minimise this the better. Feel free to bring them later/pick them up earlier if you can. I have split my staff into two teams (one led by myself and one by Ms Bratby) working in school for half of the week each - this keeps them away from danger as much as possible too. They will still be posting work via dojo every day from home as well as doing other tasks I have set them. Many will be looking after their own children at home of course since teachers are designated 'Key Workers'. This flow chart might help:

 Update 23/3/2020

Thank you to everyone who has managed to find a way to keep their children at home, even those who are key workers. Our numbers are lower than expected and we are so grateful for that. It means I need less staff in school and they can be safer too. I can't emphasise enough how important it is that we try to reduce the number as much as possible. If you are a key worker and do have to send your child to school obviously the more you can minimise this the better. Feel free to bring them later/pick them up earlier if you can. I have split my staff into two teams (one led by myself and one by Ms Bratby) working in school for half of the week each - this keeps them away from danger as much as possible too. They will still be posting work via dojo every day from home as well as doing other tasks I have set them. Many will be looking after their own children at home of course since teachers are designated 'Key Workers'. This flow chart might help:

UPDATE 20/3/2020 2pm

Thank you to everyone who has emailed regarding key worker status.  We have been told by Government that we must not go over 20% of the total number of pupils on roll and that 10% was the actual desired target. We have almost reached 20% as of 2pm. Unlike some schools I have stopped short of asking for proof of Key Worker status, as this seems to be a totally impractical thing to achieve on a Friday afternoon, but I would ask that all those who have said they have Key Worker status please confirm it with their employers, and if there is any doubt at all then keep your children at home. 

The whole point of these partial closures is to reduce contact and therefore reduce the spread of the virus. Your children will be much safer at home away from other children and staff, so please keep them there if it is at all possible.


Update 20/3/2020

The Government finally published it's guidelines regarding KEY WORKERS:  


It is now proposed that  families with only one key worker can continue to send their children to school. Please e-mail me at to let me know if you think you fall into this category, if you have not already done so.

Please remember that, even if you are a key worker, sending your child to school is an absolute last resort if you cannot make alternative arrangements. The more children we have in school the greater the risk of infection for both the children and staff.

These are challenging times and guidance is changing hour by hour so please try and be patient. We are all in this together but be assured we will do everything in a power to get through this. 


Thank you and stay safe

Mr T.



Update 19/3/2020

The Government has taken the decision to close all schools from the end of the school day tomorrow. The only children permitted to be in school after this date are those of the people designated as 'key workers' (both parents). As I understand it these are people working in the NHS, teachers, the emergency services, the armed forces. If you can keep your child at home then so much the better, however, we will remain open with a skeleton staff for these children from Monday. It is likely that the city will set up hubs in the local community so it may be that your children attend a different location but I have no details of this as yet. I will update this website when and if that becomes a reality. In the meantime, bring them to school on Monday as normal. I have sent a text out with my e-mail address so I can gauge the numbers for Monday. Please respond if both parents are in the key worker category and expect your children to be in school on Monday (even if they don't want to be!)

These are very difficult times for all of us but we are very much in the hands of the experts and things change rapidly from hour to hour so please be patient - it's uncharted territory.

In the meantime - stay safe.

Mr T.

Update 17/3/2020

Click here to read the latest advice 




Update 13/3/2020

As you will have seen on the news I'm sure, the Government has decided not to shut UK schools at this time so your children should continue to attend as normal. However, if your child develops a high temperature and/or a dry cough then the advice is to self isolate for 7 days. You should also get in touch with 111 for their guidance - the online system might be more accessible as the phone lines are exceptionally busy, as you would expect. 


We will of course monitor the situation and, should the need arise, we will take action on the advice of Public Health England and the Government. If schools do close en masse at some future date then we will, of course, update you as soon as we have the information ourselves.

Here are two useful links to explain to pupils about what a pandemic and what the coronavirus is. 

Please view the links and if you feel they are appropriate for your child please share them.                   What is a pandemic?                   What is the Coronavirus?


In the meantime - keep washing those hands!

Advice for parents/guardians
You should not be unduly worried about the possibility of your children catching the Coronavirus.
There is no reason why your children should not continue to attend their early years, school or further education setting as normal.
What action you can take?
A UK wide campaign has been launched to provide clear advice on how to slow the spread of Coronavirus.
Please help to support the campaign which promotes basic hygiene practices, such as regularly washing hands and always sneezing into a tissue, to stem the spread of viruses

Click here to download the NHS Advice

26th February 2020 - The latest government advice is below:
The new updated advice is here . It contains the information about what to do if someone is returning from an affected country.
There is also this guidance specific to educational settings guidance for educational settings available here. This will be regularly updated.
The key message is for people to call 111 with any queries about the advice.

Specific Advice for schools

Mental Health and Well Being

Mental Health and Well Being in schools meeting. Friday 22nd Nov at 2.30pm. Everybody welcome.

We are currently aiming to achieve an accreditation to demonstrate that here at Birchfield Mental Health and Well Being is paramount. Not only of the pupils but that of the adults who work with your children and of you as parents/carers.

One Friday of every half term. Miss Storey and Mrs Pickles will hold a meeting for parents to ask for ideas and feedback on what is happening in school. We already are getting a good turnout and the more the merrier, so please pop along.

Texts will be sent stating dates and times.

Friday Parents Group

We would like to invite you to our coffee morning, which is held every Friday at 9:00 till 10:30am in the Birchfield Buddies bungalow.

Come and join us for a laugh and a chat with other parents just like you, share your ideas and pass on helpful information like, who knows local dentists who are good with children who don’t sit still, where to buy specialized clothes, toys, or equipment and how to get them settled for bed! 

So take some time out for yourself, enjoy a cup of tea/coffee and crumpets. 

While you make new friends, those tiny tots will find lots of fun things to keep them occupied.

We look forward to seeing you there.