What have we been learning in Elephant Class?

Autumn 2


This term is all about experiments and observing! So far the children have created their own volcano and explored what happens when we add water to skittles. We are currently observing what will happen to plants when they don't get everything they need.

Autumn 1


This half term we have been learning all about materials and their properties. The children have compared and tested materials and snapped some fantastic pictures of materials around our school.


In Geography we have learnt about the four countries of the United Kingdom and their capital cities including the surrounding seas. We then learnt about the five Oceans and seven continents of the world! The children learned about compass directions and had a go at creating their own outside!


Design technologists

We have been designing and making a pirate ship and taking into account what materials will work best! Here you can see the children making their ships and later testing them on water... We even replicated a storm by creating wind and using a misting bottle as rain. The children were amazing at discussing what went well and how they could improve their ships!


ICT Technicians 

In ICT we have been focusing on algorithms. We have learnt the importance of giving clear and precise instructions especially when it comes to computers!


First week of Year 1

We've had a fabulous first week in Year 1 and the children have settled in so well! We played maths games to help us find where items belonged as well as discovering our new pirate area full of gold coins and jewels! The children decided upon some lovely classroom rules - my personal favourite - 'To be creative.' We even came back to a HUGE courgette (marrow) that had been busy growing over the summer holidays. Mrs Jenson and the class mixed in some ingredients to make a delicious oven baked stuffed courgette mmm....