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Remembrance Day...

Children from Year Six visited the Cenotaph for Remembrance Day, paying their respects and holding a 2 minute silence for the soldiers who fought for our country and are still fighting today. Afterwards, they placed a selection of work from each year group onto the surrounding stones next to the Cenotaph.



Here are some of the thoughts of the year six children that visited the Cenotaph...


 'We had two minutes of silence to remember everyone that served for us. I hope you are all proud of our soldiers because I know I am and I always will be.' - Imelia, Aged 11.


'..the brave and mighty soldiers have saved our lives. If it wasn't for them we wouldn't be here right now.' - Jenny, Aged 10.


'As I walked away I thought about all of the soldiers that fought and served our country and those that are still fighting for us this very moment' - Ruby, Aged 10.


'We visited the Cenotaph to pay respect to all of the soldiers that fought our wars and also to everyone that is still fighting' - Katie, Aged 11.


'I thank these people for helping our country and I have a big place for them in my heart.' - Daniel, Aged 10.



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