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White Rose Maths App

Are you looking for a fast and fun way to help your child gain confidence and skill with number? If yes, then this FREE 1-Minute Maths app is your solution!


Fast and fun number tasks perfect for young children!

First, let’s start by saying how excited we are that White Rose have launched their first ever app! Like all of their useful resources, it is designed by Maths experts to help children learn number confidence and fluency using a method they can enjoy. What better way than a fun and simple to use app to encourage #MathsEveryoneCan!

With easy-to-follow tasks delivered in engaging, bite-sized chunks - each one teaching basic number - It is simple for children to use independently, both in class and at home. 


So, what ages can use 1-Minute Maths?

Primarily, the app aims to support Key Stage 1 pupils. While Reception introduces basic number, it’s during school Years 1 and 2 when children learn the four rules - adding, subtracting, multiplying* and dividing* – and also ‘Subitising’, the method of instantly recognising items in a group without counting. 1-Minute Maths only includes tasks based on these core number concepts.  (*Multplying and dividing parts will be released in the near future)


How does it work?

Each 1-minute task gives children engaging and targeted practice in basic number. The app covers a range of topics on arithmetic and subitising, and generates questions randomly so your child never sees the same ones in sequence – meaning they learn the concept and not a series of answers. Once a task completes, answers are presented on the screen giving your child instant feedback. It’s so simple to use and, most of all, lots of FUN!

What's more, the app has no specific starting point, so a child can pick up and play at any time, with no set place to start. Accessible AND easy!


A maths app that’s perfect for teachers, parents and carers!

Teachers:  Use 1-Minute Maths as a classroom teaching resource, knowing each task aligns to approaches used in the White Rose Maths schemes of learning.

Parents and Carers: Watch your child have fun while they continue learning maths basic number concepts learned in school - at home!


10 reasons for using 1-Minute Maths: 

  1. Excellent number practice with no distractions.
  2. Enjoyable tasks children want to complete.
  3. Instills basic number concepts during early years.
  4. A clear process that children pick up immediately
  5. No login or internet access needed. Download and play!
  6. A motivator – children enjoy trying to beat their last score!
  7. Helpful hints give support when needed.
  8. Brilliant for building confidence and fluency.
  9. Random question generator instills concepts, not answers.
  10. Completely FREE to download!


How to get started with 1 – minute maths!

Not sure how to get started? Follow these top tips on how to make the most of 1-Minute Maths!

First, download the app here for FREE – it’s available for use on AppleAndroid and Kindle devices.

Reception children: Our experts suggest your child begins with tasks about subitising. It’s one of the most critical number skills a young child develops – recognising number groups without counting - making it a perfect place for Reception children to start.

Year 1 children: Here, we suggest teachers, parents or carers first check to see the child has mastered subitising. Next, we recommend moving onto tasks focused on adding or subtracting number bonds to 10.

Year 2 children: For these children, we suggest trying tasks focused on adding or subtracting number bonds to 20. Again, as a teacher, parent or carer, we recommend you first check your child’s ability with number bonds to 10 before starting these tasks to 20.


We hope you enjoy using 1-Minute Maths in class and at home!