Birchfield Primary School

Birchfield Avenue, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS27 7HU


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Welcome to Cobra Class

The following staff work in Cobra Class:

Mr Costello - Class Teacher

Mrs Kellett -  Teaching Assistant

General Information

Homework: Given weekly (usually!). Homework will be given on a Friday and will consist of either a piece of maths or a piece of literacy which reflects what we have worked on during the week. I ask that homework is returned by the Wednesday of the following week if possible please.

Spellings: 10 weekly. The spellings will be given to pupils on a Monday to take home, with the test on them being carried out the following Monday. They will also be made available on the year 6 curriculum planning page each week. This gives pupils a week in which to carry out any practice additional to the work we do in school to learn them.

Speaking and listening task: This task involves pupils planning and preparing a short talk on a given subject to carry out in front of the class. Once picked, each child will have a week to prepare their talk, which should last (initially) between 1 and 2 minutes. All have been given guidance on how to deliver them well and what type of content to include. Once each child has been picked out once, the cycle will start again. Activities of this type build confidence when speaking aloud and develop research and organisational skills, as well as giving everyone the opportunity to learn some things they otherwise might not have.

Reading Journals: Children of this age are still expected to read at home on a regular basis, so to allow them some flexibilty and ownership in this we provide them with a reading journal, allowing them to choose their own reading material rather than providing them with school books. The expectation is that they will bring the journal into school on a Monday with at least one entry detailing what they have read during the last week. The journal will then be signed and returned to them the following day. 


P.E will normally be on a Monday and Wednesday, although the days can vary from term to term. Your children will always be told in advance of any changes, will be told what activity they are doing and will be expected to always have the appropriate kit at the appropriate time - without needing to be reminded by you!