Birchfield Primary School

Birchfield Avenue, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS27 7HU


Welcome to Reception Class

The following staff members work in Reception:

Miss Walker - Class Teacher and Acting Foundation Stage Leader

Mrs Kitchen - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Brooks-Teaching Assistant


Important information for Dolphin Class

Reading books should be kept for a week and then returned on a Tuesday. It is important to stick to this day so that we can begin our new reading groups.

Our PE day is Monday. Please bring your PE kit on this day and the children will get changed at school and come home in their PE kit.

Homework is set on a Friday. There are also Story Books and Busy Bags to go home each week which can be changed by the children.

Class Dojo is used to help with parent and teacher communication - please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

Please send your child to school with a change of clothes. This can stay on their peg. We often have messy play and sometimes the children will need to get changed.


Letter formation

Letter formation: 

We teach letter formation in 4 different families: Curly Caterpillars, Ladder Letters, One Armed Robots and Zig Zag Monsters. These videos guide you through how to help your child form them correctly and any misconceptions that they may have. Letter formation is covered in phonics daily, however it only covers the sound that the children are learning. If you wish to work with your child on their formation then these videos are a good guide.

(There is part of the video in the middle that goes silent, I'm still working on the technology so bare with me!)


Curly Caterpillar Letters

Ladder Letters


What to expect and when?

This is a very useful document used in Early Years. It tells you what to expect from your child and when. 

Please click on blue title to download. What to expect and when? 


Our playdough recipe:

2 cups of plain flour

1 cup of salt

Tablespoon of Cream of tartar

Splash of veg oil

2 cups of cold water

Food colouring

Whisk all ingredients together.

Place in microwave for 5 minutes then stir.

Place back in microwave for further 5 minutes, empty from bowl, leave to cool and kneed well.

 Dough Disco

At the end of every day, just before we go home we have our 'Dough Disco!'. Dough disco is great for strengthening children's fingers, hands and arms and helps them get ready to write. Grab some playdough and have a go at home. You can even make routines up to your favourite song! 


The Phonics Song

Every day at 9am we practice Phase 2 phonics. We always start with this song to help us to learn the names of letters and the sounds. If you want to practice it at home the song is below.


The Counting Song

Every morning before Maths we sing the counting song. This consolidates our knowledge of the numbers and helps us to count forwards and backwards.