Birchfield Primary School

Birchfield Avenue, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS27 7HU


Welcome to Nursery Class

The following staff members work in Nursery:

Mrs Sowden - Class Teacher

Miss Makin - Teaching Assistant



Nursery Opening Times


Monday - 8:40 - 15:00

Tuesday - 8:40 - 15:00

Wednesday -8:40 - 11:15



Wednesday: 12:30 - 15:00

Thursday: 8:40 - 15:00

Friday: 8:40 - 15:00


 Seahorse Class information

Book Bees - Children can change their Book Bee as often as they like. The Bee box is located to the right of the entrance.


Donation - Don't forget to donate 50p in our monster tub on top of the trays in the entrance as this helps towards buying materials such as play dough.

Playdough recipe:

2 cups of plain flour

1 cup of salt

Tablespoon of Cream of tartar

Splash of veg oil

2 cups of cold water

Food colouring

Whisk all ingredients together.

Place in microwave for 5 minutes then stir.

Place back in microwave for further 5 minutes, empty from bowl, leave to cool and kneed well.