Birchfield Primary School

Birchfield Avenue, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS27 7HU



Acting Headteacher Ms Bratby (KS2 Co-ordinator)

Acting Deputy Headteacher

Miss Walker (KS1 Co-ordinator)

Class Teachers

Mrs Sowden (F1)

Miss Dolby  (EYFS Co-ordinator and F2)

Miss Ellis (Y1)

Miss Walker/Ms Bratby (Y2)

Miss Bentley (Y3)

Miss Pearce/Mrs Wilkie (Y4)

Miss Todhunter (Y5)

Mr Costello (Y6)

Special Needs Co-ordinator

PSHE Co-ordinator

Maternity Leave

Mrs O' Hara

Miss Storey

Mrs Rush

Teaching Assistants

Miss Makin (FS)

Miss Kitchen (FS)

Mrs Brooks (FS)

Miss McGill (FS)

Mrs Jensen (Y1/2)

Mrs Pickles (Y3/4)

Before and After School Club

Playleader Manager

Playleader Deputy


Gillian McMullen

Heather Bingham

Alison Lee

Jemma Grayson

Lynne Kitchen

Debbie Russell

Sarah Harris

Office Manager Mrs Wharton
Administrative Assistant Mrs Davies
Facilities Manager Mr Sharp

Midday Supervisor

Mrs Davies

Supervisory Assistants

Rachel Chaudhari

Paula Jensen

Alison Lee

Ania Lis

Amanda Stone

Jemma Grayson


Zbysek Halys

Julie Batey

Marie Wootton

Lynne Kitchen

Catering Manager

Ann Noton (Catering Manager)

Catering Assistants

Pam White (Deputy Catering Manager)

Carmen Whitley

Simona Marin

Health & Safety Officer

GDPR Designate

Andy Sharp

Phil Crilly