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Music at Birchfield Primary School

At Birchfield Primary School we recognise that high-quality education of music can increase self-confidence and creativity. Pupils explore curriculum weeks (e.g. Carnival week) and special productions throughout the year during which the pupils learn to project their voices, sing and use a range of musical instruments. All our pupils also have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument with the support of our peripatetic music teachers.  

All pupils across the whole school have the opportunity to listen to, review and evaluate music across a range of historical periods, genres, styles and traditions - including the works of the great composers and musicians via "Musician of the Week". Every week the whole school focusses on a key musician or composer from a variety of genres, cultures, historical periods etc. and discusses the different musical elements and techniques. For more modern pieces of music the pupils also have the opportunity to discuss the symbolism, social or political messages entwined within lyrics or music videos or the activism of the musicians/composers themselves. Within each "Musician of the Week" there may also be cross-curricular or writing links that the teachers can explore with the pupils throughout the week too. Continue scrolling to see this week's "Musician of the Week."

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In the classroom

Here are some images from our KS2 music lessons. Children were developing their understanding of the history of music over time. Pupils used their reading skills to learn about famous composers. 

...Musician of the Week... Tim McGraw

Below are the YouTube videos where you can listen to the chosen pieces of music for this week. Although every effort has been made to ensure the videos have been vetted and are suitable for children to view, the comments are often public so it is the responsibility of supervising adults to ensure these are vetted/hidden from view.

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